Meet the full International Team (key contacts)


Murali Chandrashekaran
Vice-Provost, International


Go Global

Cheryl Dumaresq 
Director, Go Global
tel: 604-822-9613 

Taryn Cigagna
Associate Director, Go Global: International Learning Programs
tel: 604-822-8143  

International Office

Adel El Zaïm
Executive Director, International Office
tel: 604-827-4140

Tangerine Twiss
Executive Assistant, International
tel: 604-822-3114 

Faisal Beg
Director, UBC India Liaison Office
tel: 91-11-46061905

Winty Cheung
Executive Director, UBC Asia Pacific Regional Office
tel: 852-2111-4401

Jonathan Hayes
International Relations Officer
tel: 604-822-0099 

Bob Korzeniowski
International Relations Officer, Partnerships
tel: 604-822-2632 

Raina Reddecliff
International Resources and Communications Senior Officer (UBC Okanagan) 
tel: 250-807-8024 

Natasha Nobell
International Relations Officer, Strategy
tel: 604-822-2634

UBC China Council

Yves Tiberghien
Executive Director, UBC China Council
tel: 604-822-4358


Haochen Li
Manager, Research and Partnership Coordinator
tel: 604-822-6270  


Vancouver Summer Program

Grace Wong
Senior Advisor to Provost, International
tel: 604-822-8546


Winty Cheung
Executive Director, UBC Asia Pacific Regional Office
852 2111 4401

Stephen Kumar
Executive Associate, UBC India Liaison Office
91 11 4606 1905

Marg Toronchuk
Program Coordinator

Teresa Sham
International Short Study Program Manager

Sandra See Toh
Business Operations Coordinator

Mabel Chan
Special Projects Administrator to the Senior Advisor International

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