Dean of the Faculty of Education

June 14, 2016

Dr. Blye Frank

UBC is pleased to announce that, on the recommendation of Interim President Martha Piper, the Board of Governors has approved Dr. Blye Frank’s extension of appointment as Dean of the Faculty of Education, for a five-year term beginning July 1, 2016.

Under Dr. Frank’s dynamic leadership, the Faculty has flourished and has achieved major accomplishments that have significantly enhanced its reputation.  Indeed, the stellar national and international rankings (recently ranked at number one in the country and number nine in the world) are a testament to the Dean’s ability to rally many stakeholders to a common goal. By re-establishing and enhancing relationships, both inside--with faculty, staff and senior administration across the university, and outside--with alumni, government and external stakeholders, the Dean has been able to steer the Faculty on an outstanding course of success.  This has been accomplished by ensuring research is a top priority through retaining and attracting top research faculty.  

Dr. Frank has been a strong and effective advocate for the Faculty.  His commitment to diversity in hiring and in student admissions is front and centre.  During his first term, the Faculty has made great strides in internationalization, in introducing a new International Baccalaureate teacher education program, as well as the Montessori initiative. In addition, he has supported the secondary teacher education program in the Dadaab refugee camp in northern Kenya. During his appointment, the West Kootenay Teacher Education program in rurality has moved to new facilities in Nelson and increased in enrolment. The Dean promotes the work of his faculty colleagues through various communication avenues, by publicizing and hosting events to develop and strengthen links with UBC’s scholarly and professional communities.  Dr. Frank has strengthened ties to the School of Kinesiology within the Faculty. He is committed to the ongoing development of Indigenous education and research initiatives, and has bolstered support for junior faculty members as they proceed through tenure and promotion.

The Provost would like to take this opportunity to thank members of the Faculty for their involvement in the consultation during the process for consideration of the extension of the Dean’s appointment. The Provost would also like to thank members of the President’s Advisory Committee for their time and commitment, and their deliberations that culminated in the recommendation to the President that the appointment of Dr. Frank be extended.  

We look forward to working with Dean Frank during his second term as he continues to lead a strong Faculty of Education to even greater strengths.

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