Preparing for the launch of Workday

October 02, 2020

Since the last update regarding the extension of the IRP timeline, the Integrated Renewal Program (IRP) team has been busy preparing for the Nov. 2 implementation of Workday for the HR and Finance systems. Support and training continue to be developed to build skills and capabilities for the UBC community.

Self-Directed Training

End user training is under way to support all staff, faculty, and student employees. Self-directed Workday training and webinars are now available through the Workplace Learning Ecosystem (WPL). Training materials, such as quick reference guides, webinar recordings, and videos are also available to support the UBC community.

Trainers from the UBC Community, including student Learning Rovers are working closely with the entire community through working sessions, call-in sessions, and sandbox activities to build new skills and capabilities. Training for specialized central roles for Finance and HR is also in progress.

Preparing for Go-Live

The IRP team is working closely with Finance and HR to finalize the transition from current systems to Workday. This plan has been built in consultation with faculty and staff to ensure minimal disruption where possible.

Key dates that require community action to prepare for Go-Live including what to expect, news, and key milestones is available on the IRP go-live preparation page. If you have questions on these milestones, you can contact IRP via ServiceNow.

Post Go-Live Support

Once Workday is live, the Integrated Service Center (ISC) will be the point of contact for Workday related questions, issues, and requests. A new ISC webpage, which includes information about the ISC and links to relevant information (including a new article detailing the ISC’s service catalogue) is now available.

More detailed information on how to access support (e.g., contact details, demos on how to use the ServiceNow portal) will become available in over the month of October. In addition, you can get in touch with your Transition Network lead (CWL required), will be a source of support after Nov. 2.

Where to learn more

Visit to stay informed about the IRP and the launch of Workday.

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