Campus Return Planning Guide: Employee Supports

Mental Health & Support for Faculty and Staff

Living and working through the pandemic has brought additional stress and challenges for many of us. Some of our colleagues have struggled through the pandemic, some have experienced loss, while others may have been directly impacted by COVID-19. While returning to campus and getting back to 'normal' may be a relief for many, emerging from the pandemic may be difficult for others.

It's important to recognize this and there are many resources available for faculty and staff to help support their mental health and wellbeing during this period of transition. If you are a leader, we encourage you to review these resources in preparation for any issues that may arise within your units.

Mental Health Supports for Return to Campus: Quick Links

For faculty and staff:

For Managers and Supervisors:

Student Mental Health Services

The Student Health and Wellbeing Unit offers a variety of resources, programs and services to support students to thrive mentally, physically, and emotional at UBC.

For 2021 Winter Term 1, Student Health & Wellbeing Services will be open for virtual and in-person services.

Student Health Service's primary medical centre, in UBC Hospital, and the satellite clinic in Orchard Commons will be open for both telehealth and in-person appointments.

Counselling Services will be open and available for telehealth and in-person appointments.

The Wellness Centre in the UBC Life Building will be open and providing online and some in-person programming, including the Nurse on Campus program, which will be available 4 days per week.

If faculty or staff have any concerns about particular students, please use Early Alert. With Early Alert, faculty, staff and TAs can identify their concerns about students in a coordinated way. This gives students the earliest possible connection to the right resources and support, before difficulties become overwhelming.

Resources for Students

  • Finding Health Supports: a new navigation tool created to provide students with easy navigation to find health and wellbeing support options depending on their needs and location.
  • UBC Student Assistance Program: a free 24/7, wellness resource for students. Services include personal counselling, life coaching, group programs and students can access via phone, video, in person (where available), and instant messaging or chat in multiple languages globally.
  • Green Folder – Assisting Students in Distress: a guide that provides staff and faculty standardized information on: challenges students are currently facing; recognizing the signs of distress; reaching out and referring; and assisting students in crisis.

Training sessions are available upon request for Faculties.

Reporting Illness & Sick Leave

It is important to encourage our students, faculty and staff to stay home if they are not feeling well, are experiencing symptoms suggestive of a viral infection, or are experiencing an illness that may be contagious. Remember, staying home when you aren't well will help you recover faster and it will also protect those around you from getting sick.

All employees are advised to monitor their health on a daily basis before attending the workplace, and the normal process for requesting sick leave should be followed. You can also download the UBC Safe Vancouver Campus App, a free mobile safety app where you can complete your COVID-19 health assessment.

Employees should notify their manager as soon as possible if they are unable to attend work due to illness or if they are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms.

Accommodation Process

While our campuses are safe and will be fully open for our return, in alignment with Ministry and public health guidelines, there are some members of our community who may have medical or other protected reasons under the Human Rights Code affecting their transition back to campus. We have existing processes to address these concerns, and we will continue to support our staff and faculty through these situations.

A workplace accommodation typically involves medical documentation or other evidence to help the university understand restrictions and limitations and to provide reasonable accommodation to help support Faculty and Staff in the workplace.

We recognize that some employees may be unable to get their second dose of vaccine due to medical complications from their first dose, or may not be able to receive the vaccine at all due to medical reasons. If an employee is requesting an accommodation, they should follow the process in place for employment accommodations.

If you or a faculty or staff member have questions or require an immediate accommodation, please discuss the situation with your manager, and seek support from your Human Resources representative, or the Stay at Work/Return to Work Program for assistance. Formal requests for an accommodation will be considered based on individual circumstances.

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