Envisioning Equality: Recognizing exceptional women and gender-diverse faculty and staff at UBC

Envisioning Equality Public Art Project

For over a century, women and gender-diverse faculty and staff at the University of British Columbia have been making significant contributions to the institution. They are at the forefront of scientific discovery and innovation; they are unraveling the mysteries of life on earth; they are pushing the boundaries of creative and artistic expression; they are working tirelessly in service of the institution and its communities, and they have instigated revolutionary changes to the future of the university and therefore to the betterment of society.

To celebrate the accomplishments and contributions made by women and gender-diverse faculty and staff, the Envisioning Equality project will harness the transformative power of art in public space to highlight and celebrate exceptional women and gender-diverse faculty and staff of the UBC community. The project activates new perspectives on their roles and contributions through a series of banners designed by local artists. These will be displayed on UBC campus poles.


Please visit Envisioning Equality: Faculty and Staff Award Winners to learn about the faculty and staff recipients.

Please visit the Artist Announcement page to learn about the selected artist Musqueam Coast Salish artist Chrystal Sparrow.

Equity Principles and Practices

The committee values the principles of social justice and acknowledges the systemic barriers and historical disadvantages that have been experienced by individuals based on culture, ethnicity, language, race, religion, region, generation, sex, gender-identity, sexual orientation, disability and socio-economic status. This committee will employ equitable criteria and processes that include understanding the lived experiences of nominees as well as the selection of diverse peer reviewers.

Awards committee

  • Naznin Virji-Babul, Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Senior Advisor to the Provost on Women and Gender-Diverse Faculty (Chair)
  • Sneja Gunew, Professor Emerita, English/ Social Justice Institute
  • Helen Kwoo, Clinical Instructor, Department of Family Practice 
  • Lynn Straatman, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
  • Janice Stewart, Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts
  • Dee Dee Sung, Director & Leadership Coach, Academic Leadership Development Program


Please contact Naznin Virji-Babul, Senior Advisor to the Provost on Women and Gender-Diverse Faculty, with any questions: naznin.virji-babul@ubc.ca.

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