President's Excellence Chair in Global Development Policy

Dr. Rashid Sumalia

Although our world is more prosperous than ever in human history, poverty and insecurity remain urgent global concerns. 

Almost 800 million people in the developing world still live in extreme poverty. While international trade, global institutions, improved governance, and technological change have contributed to significant progress, globalization and international institutions are facing a backlash by those who have been left behind. Continued improvements in public health, gender equality, and life expectancy, among other development goals, are challenged by factors such as economic shock, global warming, food insecurity, democratic failure, rapid urbanization, and violent conflict. Concurrently, efforts to promote development, long the bastion of nation-states and international organizations, have been transformed and increasingly decentralized.

Opportunity for a Development Policy Research Cluster

It is essential that the new UBC School for Public Policy and Global Affairs engage in this rapidly shifting and critically important policy space. A research chair in Global Development Policy will catalyze emergence of a UBC cluster that informs policy and contributes to solving global problems. The Chair also will strengthen teaching in the existing development stream of the MPPGA.

There is opportunity to build on an emerging development policy cluster among faculty several of whom are expected to move to the Policy School, and to extend research collaborations beyond the Policy School. Development policy touches on the research expertise at the Liu Institute, the Institute of Asian Research, the Vancouver School of Economics, and the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, all founding partners in the MPPGA.

Current research includes study of rural communities’ uptake of energy through solar technology, small farmers’ adaptability to climate change stressors, efficacy of technology and food distribution, and the politics of development. Faculty within the Law, SCARP, Political Science, and Geography, among others, also work on questions related to development policy, or closely-related questions of democratization, human rights, and conflict in the developing world.

Research Excellence Chair in Global Development Policy:  Position description

We envision the Global Development Policy Chair as a 100% appointment in the UBC Policy School. However, it is critical to engage colleagues from cognate units in the search process, given the goal of promoting interdisciplinary collaboration beyond the Policy School.

Our expectation is that the Chair will have a faculty associate appointment in a disciplinary department, thus facilitating ongoing engagement with colleagues from their own discipline as well.

We will be seeking a candidate who meets the following criteria:

  1. Research Excellence: The successful candidate must have a record of internationally recognized academic scholarship of the highest quality.
  2. Policy Engagement and Innovation: The successful candidate will have a record of engagement in public policy development, either as a practitioner or advisor. They will be motivated by the desire to apply research to improve policy decisions and solve social problems.
  3. Public Scholarship: The successful candidate will have a record of broad and meaningful public engagement in their area of research, including communication of research in diverse written and oral forms.
  4. Collaboration: The successful candidate will be comfortable with collaboration in a multi-disciplinary research environment and be intellectually nimble in looking at challenging global development policy issues.
  5. Institution Building and Leadership: We are seeking a candidate who has a record of institution building, who will catalyse a substantial research cluster in policy innovation and be a leader within it.
  6. Excellence in Teaching:  The candidate should have a demonstrated track record in teaching public policy at the graduate level, with experience in new learning technologies and innovative learning environments.

To apply, please view the full position recruitment advertisement below:

Excellence Chair in Global Development Policy Ad


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