Institutional Visits to UBC

Each year, UBC welcomes delegations of international dignitaries and prominent scholars.

These guests may be visiting to give lectures, participate in conferences, meet with UBC administration or visit with our research teams.

The UBC International Team hosts and coordinates certain visits. These often involve representatives of universities and institutions who wish to build partnerships with UBC.

Below is a step-by-step guide to organizing a visit to UBC:

  1. Contact the UBC International Team and fill out the visit request form.
  2. UBC International team assesses visit request and liaises with relevant units on campus to determine interest and availability.
  3. UBC International team responds to visit request and confirms tentative itinerary.
  4. UBC International team finalizes full participant list and meeting locations.
  5. UBC International team meets and accompanies delegates on day of visit, helping to navigate campus, taking notes, etc.
  6. UBC International team assists with follow-up as requested by respective meeting participants.

Please note that the UBC International Team does not coordinate professional development visits by groups or individuals.  If you are interested in learning about best practices or university policy making at UBC, you are requested to identify the desired individuals and/or academic units, and contact them directly to determine their interest and availability.


Jonathan Hayes, Manager, Global Partner Relations and Research





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