Dr. Ismaël Traoré joins Provost’s Office as Director of Faculty Equity

March 08, 2021

The Provost’s Office is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Ismaël Traoré as the Director of Faculty Equity, effective March 15, 2021. Dr. Traoré will be responsible for leading initiatives that will broadly diversify the UBC Vancouver campus, with an emphasis on an increase in faculty equity, diversity and inclusion.

The role will provide leadership in UBC’s anti-racism framework and the Inclusion Action Plan as it pertains the Provost and Vice-President Academic portfolio, and will work closely with the Faculties at UBCV and as well as the Equity and Inclusion Office (EIO).  Dr. Traoré’s appointment is 50% in the Provost’s Office and 50% in EIO, in order to effectively bridge these portfolios and to create effective collaboration.

Dr. Ismaël Traoré works with executive portfolios and faculties to ensure the development, implementation, and monitoring of equity plans and actions. He brings years of program management experience, and subject expertise in critical race theory and whiteness studies. Dr. Traoré completed his dissertation in 2017. His study explores how thirty-eight white persons conceptualize and do anti-racism in their everyday lives and in organizations, the enablers and barriers they experience, and how they implicate themselves as subjects in a racially stratified society.

Dr. Traoré has worked in the (re)settlement and integration sector, the civic engagement sector, and as an adjunct professor. He currently serves in the Multicultural Advisory Council reporting to the Attorney General of British Columbia, and is an anti-racism public educator and consultant. On his spare time, he produces educational documentaries on issues of culture and belonging, available for viewing on his website. Dr. Traoré looks-forward to working collaboratively with faculties to advance transformative equity.

Welcome to the Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic, Dr. Traoré.

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