Multi-disciplinary Opportunities

UBC is a highly collaborative university. We encourage and facilitate interaction between faculty members across disciplines.

These multi-disciplinary opportunities build on UBC’s strengths by connecting scholars and researchers across our campuses:

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Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology advances scholarly and innovative approaches to teaching, learning, curriculum and educational technology practices within and across UBC’s diverse disciplinary and cultural contexts.

The Community of Practice program provides a suite of services to numerous learning communities across disciplines at UBC to facilitate new knowledge development and to support the teaching and learning development of faculty.

entrepreneurship @ ubc

entrepreneurship @ ubc is a unique program that delivers an unprecedented combination of mentorship, education, venture creation and seed funding to support UBC students, alumni, faculty and staff. Its entrepreneurship initiatives range from providing access to a vast mentor network, to specifically tailored accelerator workshops. To find out more about how entrepreneurship @ ubc can help turn your innovative concepts and ideas into commercial and social ventures through its programs, funding and networks, visit the e@ubc website.

Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning (FL) is a rapidly evolving portfolio of activities and resources transforming education at UBC. Discover the Six Pillars of Flexible Learning, explore case studies, and learn more about funding opportunities through the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund.

Green College

Green College is an interdisciplinary graduate residential college at UBC. Graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and visiting scholars create a unique, vibrant academic community. The College hosts a range of events and free public lectures.

Networks of Centres of Excellence

Our researchers play a prominent role in a number of Networks of Centres of Excellence, providing opportunities to collaborate on interdisciplinary programs with researchers across the country.

The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies

For more than 30 years the Institute gave leading thinkers a place to stimulate collaborative, create, and interdisciplinary research that made important advances in knowledge. The Institute completed its final year of programming in 2023 and the University has put in place a Peter Wall Legacy Agreement to support a new program of research awards and fellowships.

Learn about the Wall Legacy Awards launched in 2024.

An academic advisory committee was struck to contemplate the future of the Institute.  Updates and further details will be provided.   

Research Centres & Institutes

While many research collaborations happen on an ad-hoc basis, several are facilitated through multi-disciplinary research centers and institutes.

St. John's College

St. John’s College is a graduate residential college. Graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and visiting scholars and students who live at the College share an interest in international research issues and global change studies and a keen intellectual curiosity which extends beyond their own academic discipline. The College holds a wide-range of public events including lectures, seminars, workshops, theme colloquia and performing arts.

UBC Learning Exchange

The UBC Learning Exchange was created in 1999 to make connections between UBC and people in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. It supports experiential student learning, community-based research and knowledge exchange across disciplines, as well as providing innovative programming for local residents. The Learning Exchange provides a place in the heart of the community where students, faculty and local residents can get to know each other, pursue shared interests, learn from each other and, in doing so, increase community capacity to act for positive change.

UBC Library

UBC Library advances research, learning and teaching excellence by connecting communities within and beyond UBC to the world’s knowledge. UBC has a number of librarians who can help assist students and faculty members with their teaching, learning and research initiatives.


UBC offers free online courses through edX. Browse the online courses available in a variety of subjects.