External Reviews

External reviews are an important means of promoting accountability and transparency across educational institutions. UBC not only participates in external assessments, but also conducts reviews of faculties, academic units and administrative units in order to continuously improve academic excellence.

External reviews of Faculties and Units reporting to the Provost

There are no current active external reviews.

Completed external reviews

External Review of UBC LibraryMarch 7-9, 2022
External Review of UBC Information TechnologyFebruary 7-9, 2022
External Review of the Faculty of DentistryJanuary 10-12, 2022
External Review of the UBC Learning ExchangeNovember 22-24, 2021
External Review of the Peter Wall Institute of Advanced StudiesJanuary 22-24, 2020
External Review of the Peter A. Allard School of LawNovember 21-22, 2019
External Review of the Faculty of MedicineNovember 4-6, 2019
External Review of the Equity & Inclusion OfficeOctober 9-11, 2019
External Review of the UBC Sustainability InitiativeJanuary 21-23, 2019
External Review of UBC Vantage CollegeNovember 21-23, 2018
External Review of the Faculty of Land and Food SystemsOctober 15-17, 2018

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See the Principles, Procedures and Guidelines for External Academic Unit Reviews.

External reviews and preliminary responses are summarized each year in a Report to Senate from the Provost's Office. View the reports below:

Quality Assurance Process Audit

The Quality Assurance Process Audit (QAPA) is an external review process to ensure that public post-secondary institutions periodically conduct rigorous, ongoing program and institutional quality assessment. All B.C. public institutions participate in the QAPA once every seven years. This process was developed by the Quality Assurance Audit Committee, a standing committee of the Degree Quality Assessment Board. The Committee is comprised of representatives from the public institutions and the Board.

Similar processes have been implemented across Canada, with each Province having developed its own approach.

UBC Vancouver underwent a QAPA visit in December 2018 after developing and submitting an institutional self-study report. All of those involved in the process appreciated the opportunity to reflect upon UBC’s strengths as well as the areas identified for improvement in our quality enhancement policies and processes. The Okanagan campus’ QAPA process is scheduled for 2021.

Summary reports are available for institutions with completed QAPA audits. For quick access to the report for UBC Vancouver, click here.

UBC Vancouver associated reports

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