Consideration of the Extension of Appointment of Dr. Michael Coughtrie, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

January 17, 2018

The term of Dr. Michael Coughtrie’s appointment is coming to an end on July 31 2018.  Dr. Coughtrie has indicated his willingness to consider an extension to his appointment as Dean of the Faculty. Therefore, we are initiating the process for his extension as set out by the Board of Governors under Policy No. 23:

The Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic has asked the Senate Office to conduct an election for two faculty members to serve on the President’s Advisory Committee. Once the composition of the is Committee finalized, the community will be informed of the process.

Provost and Vice-President Academic Andrew Szeri will chair the President’s Advisory Committee, which will consult widely within the University and beyond, and ensure the community is kept informed throughout the process. 


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