Mid-course feedback in Winter Term 2

February 03, 2021

As we approach the middle of winter term 2, many faculty will be considering additional ways to check in on the learning and wellbeing of their students. Mid-course feedback is an informal way of collecting input while the term is still in progress, in order to guide where minor adjustments may be feasible for the course for the benefit of current students.

Mid-course feedback can provide actionable information on your course and teaching. It also can help students reflect on their learning so far and, ideally, practice offering constructive feedback. Inviting students to contribute to a course’s success can also increase their level of engagement with and investment in the course.

Many faculty have been incorporating such strategies into their teaching as part of regular practice for years: in the current context, mid-course feedback may reveal the opportunity to identify low effort but impactful adjustments to lessen the stresses on both instructors and students during a challenging winter session for all. 

The CTLT’s Mid-Course Feedback website is a useful starting point for faculty interested in exploring this process. It includes resources and best practice advice to support implementation and ways to act on the feedback received. If you’d like support in creating, administering, and/or synthesizing your mid-course feedback, please connect with the CTLT, or other local support that may be available (e.g., local learning support team, a GAA in your unit, an experienced colleague).

With continued thanks and appreciation for all that you are continuing to do to support our students through this exceptional time,

Simon Bates
Associate Provost, Teaching and Learning

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