Changes to end-of-course student surveys: An online open forum (March 10, 2021)

February 16, 2021

Faculty, staff and students at UBC are invited to an open forum to learn about changes to the end-of-course student surveys that will be implemented in the Fall of 2021. These surveys are also called “Student Evaluations of Teaching,” but in the Fall the title will change to “Student Experience of Instruction.”

This online open forum, with speakers from UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan, will update the university community on the changes to the survey questions, the metrics used in reporting results, and more.

These changes are based on recommendations endorsed by the UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan Senates in May of 2020. Read the recommendations in the report to Senate (page 6 of the PDF).

At the open forum on March 10 12:30-2:00PM, we will discuss what the changes are, how they are being implemented, and we will also open the floor to questions from participants.


  • Presentation
  • Opening remarks
  • Overview of recommendations endorsed by both Senates
  • Changes to survey questions
  • Changes to metrics
  • Other activities related to the recommendations endorsed by the Senates

Panel for Q&A


Register at our secure Qualtrics link. Questions can be sent to   

Thank you,

Dr. Christina Hendricks
Academic Director, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, and Chair, Student Experience of Instruction Implementation Group

Dr. Tanya Forneris
Interim Academic Lead, Centre for Teaching and Learning


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