Scholar Strike for Black Lives Canada

September 08, 2020

Some UBC faculty members have informed us they will join the Scholar Strike for Black Lives Canada activities on September 9th and 10th. We expect that some members of the UBC community will choose to participate in the scholar strike to draw attention to the global efforts to end racism and injustice.

At UBC, diversity is our strength – inclusion of different perspectives and experiences is critical to the wellbeing of our community and the individual and collective pursuit of excellence. We all play a role against hatred, oppression, violence and injustice and in finding a way to support and elevate those who have been traditionally, systemically, and historically marginalized. Recently, Professor Ono reaffirmed the university’s commitment to inclusion and called for the acceleration and intensification of efforts to build a more inclusive campus community.

Faculty members may choose to support the scholar strike in ways consistent with their academic principles, which may mean making the decision to cancel classes. In such cases, we request that faculty members inform students in their classes in advance with the reason for the action. Additionally, students should be provided with a pathway towards making up for missed class time. Faculty members may also choose to hold classes that focus on anti-racism as a topic during the strike.

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