West Coast Teaching Excellence Awards

The West Coast Teaching Excellence Award, hosted by the British Columbia Teaching and Learning Council (BC and Yukon), recognizes excellence in postsecondary teaching over a number of years, primarily at the undergraduate level.

An individual or teaching team nominated for this award will be characterized by a proven commitment to enhanced student engagement and learning, a reflective and intentional approach to teaching practices, and dedication to teaching improvement including successful implementation of any of the 94 Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

This award is an opportunity for recipients who are on the path to move from institutional teaching awards to national teaching awards such as the 3M National Teaching Fellowship. Nominees need not have won an institutional teaching award, however.

The BCTLC selects up to five recipients annually from different post-secondary institutions. Each institution can submit up to two nominees per year.

UBC's West Coast Teaching Excellence Award recipients

Application Process

Applications consist of a 20-page dossier, including a nomination letter from the President, Vice-President Academic, or designate.

Please see the West Coast Teaching Award web page for details on eligibility, criteria, and what must be submitted in the dossier.

Internal selection of nominees at UBC Vancouver


  • Internal applicants should submit a current CV, along with a statement (no more than 4 pages) outlining how their teaching practice over a number of years addresses the criteria for the award.
    • Applicants will not be able to address all criteria in full in such a short space, so they should focus on those they feel their teaching work most strongly supports.
  • An internal review committee will review the submitted materials and choose up to two nominees from UBC Vancouver.
    • This review committee consists of:
      • The Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning
      • The Academic Director (or the Deputy Academic Director) of the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology
      • One 3M National Teaching Fellow at UBC Vancouver
      • Two other teaching award winners at UBC Vancouver, such as the Killam Teaching Prize or the West Coast Teaching Excellence Award
    • Decisions will be based on the BCTLC West Coast Teaching Award eligibility and criteria
  • The Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning, will write the nomination letters, and the BCTLC representative from UBC Vancouver (currently the Academic Director of the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology) will forward nominations to the BCTLC Awards Committee by the deadline.
Timelines (2024 awards period)
  • Late October: Invitation to submit applications.
  • November 30: internal application due (max. 4 page statement plus a CV, as noted above) to Catherine Aldana, Project Manager, CTLT: catherine.aldana@ubc.ca
  • Mid-December: internal review committee meets to select nominees
  • Late-December/Early January: Applicants informed of internal nomination decision outcome
  • February 19: Application dossiers from the two UBCV nominees due to Vice-Provost Teaching and Learning pro tem, to facilitate writing nomination letters
  • February 29: application dossiers submitted to BCTLC Awards Committee


  • If you have questions about the award or the process, please contact Christina Hendricks, Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President Teaching and Learning pro tem: christina.hendricks@ubc.ca
  • Consultation/advice is available for how to write the internal application materials, and/or the dossier to send to BCTLC; please contact Judy Chan at the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology: judy.chan@ubc.ca.