Dual career programs

Corey Nislow and Guri Giaever. Photo: Paul Joseph

UBC supports the needs of dual career couples for tenure-track and tenured faculty and senior administrative positions.

The Dual Career Program can assist partners in exploring faculty and staff job possibilities at the university, as well as other career options in the Greater Vancouver area. While the Dual Career Program cannot guarantee job placement at UBC or elsewhere, we work to open as many doors as possible.

Candidates for faculty positions and their partners should first contact the department head, director or selection committee chair of the academic unit to which they are applying. With the support of the Dean, the unit representative can then connect with partners and with the appropriate dual career contact at UBC who will guide them through the process. It is strongly recommended that these conversations occur at the time of hiring of the target recruitment; though dual career requests made after the time of hiring will be considered, historically they are more difficult to satisfy.

In exceptional cases where a confidential conversation is needed, contact Moura Quayle, Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President Academic Affairs.

Please visit the UBC Faculty Staff Housing and Relocation Services website and the UBC job posting page for additional resources.