International student applications

UBC welcomes applications from outstanding international students. Well-qualified applicants from recognized secondary schools, colleges, and universities will be considered, as well as students applying as transfer students from recognized universities and colleges. Applications from short-term visiting students from other recognized universities are also accepted. 

Applications from international students can be made directly by the student to the university; however, students who choose to work with a third-party recruiter – such as an education agent – may refer to this list of authorized UBC recruitment partners. Students are also welcome to work with organizations that are not included in this list.

The agencies included in the list above recruit for UBC’s undergraduate programs and some professional master level programs. Agencies who recruit for other programs can be found on the corresponding program websites:

Please note that the use of a third-party recruiter is not mandatory nor does it affect the status as an applicant to UBC as long as your application is genuine and complete. The use of third-party recruiters is done so at the risk of the student. The university is not responsible for the acts of third-party recruiters.

For more information or further assistance, prospective international students may visit For graduate programs, please visit

For information about English language admission requirements, please view UBC's English Language Admission Standard.


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