Recruiting + supporting top faculty and students

The Office of the Provost supports initiatives designed to attract the world’s top scholars and researchers, as well as a diverse class of exceptional graduate and undergraduate students.

Explore our current priorities:

Faculty housing programs

Housing affordability is a key factor in recruiting top-calibre faculty to ensure UBC’s continued research and teaching excellence. We are working with the faculties and other groups to create more affordable housing options on and off campus.
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Faculty equity + diversity

UBC is taking action to identify and break down barriers to recruiting outstanding faculty from the broadest possible talent pool.
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Student Diversity Initiative

In 2016, UBC established the Commitment to Diversity Fund, to provide a framework that will strategically engage, enhance and embed diversity into our systems and operations. 
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Strategic student recruitment

UBC is home to more than 60,000 exceptional undergraduate and graduate students from across Canada and 130+ countries. We are actively recruiting from diverse communities to keep our campuses vibrant and to provide our students with a global perspective.
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