Child care

Providing excellent child care options is critical to UBC’s ability to attract and retain outstanding faculty.

See the UBC Housing & Relocation Services website for information about the various on- and off-campus child care options available to faculty, staff and students, including UBC Childcare Services. Faculty candidates must apply directly to these providers in order to be considered.  

In an effort to further improve timing of access into on-campus child care, there is a supplementary Provost’s Priority Child Care Placement Program (PCPP) that provides a limited number of new full-time tenure stream faculty members with higher placement on the UBC child care waitlist, in order to support strategic recruitment and retention priorities.

Faculty candidates who are interested in this program should contact the head, director or selection committee chair in the academic unit to which they are applying. If supportive, Deans or Department Heads are then asked to advise Housing & Relocation Services, Vice-Provost, Academic Affairs, that they would like their faculty candidate(s) considered for this program. An application form can be found here (Note: UBC Childcare charges an additional monthly premium on top of regular childcare rates for candidates who access childcare through the PCPP. This premium cost must be covered by either the Faculty or Department).