Credit Programs Approvals Process

Faculty members considering launching a new program should first contact the appropriate Dean’s office. Proponents are also encouraged to contact the New Programs Hub, via, to discuss your idea and get help navigating the entire approvals process. For programs involving international collaboration and partnerships, support is also available through the Office of the Vice-Provost International:

Please note: No degree program can be offered prior to UBC receiving Ministry approval

Health-related programs (degrees, credit certificates and diplomas): Pre-consultation with the Health Programs Director in the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training and colleagues in the Ministry of Health will be initiated in Phase 1. This must be coordinated through the New Programs Hub.

Timing: For a September intake, Board of Governors approval should occur no later than at the June meeting in the year prior to expected intake, to allow time for the subsequent Ministry approval process. Disclaimer: Ministry approval timelines can vary significantly and UBC has no oversight over these timelines.  

Recruitment: Advertising of the program on the Faculty website can take place with the disclaimer that the program is subject to Ministry approval. Faculties may collect “expressions of interest” from potential applicants, but no other recruitment can take place (including posting tuition rates) until the program has been approved by Ministry.


Phase 1: Proponents follow Faculty processes with proposals to the Dean. Engage the New Programs Hub for program development and approvals process support.

Phase 2:  Senate documentation completed with the Budgetary Impact form signed off by the Provost – this is to be coordinated through the New Programs Hub, via Begin completing the Stage 1 Application for Approval Process. The Office of the Provost will submit this to the Ministry following program approval by Senate and the Board of Governors. 

Phase 3: Complete the board docket, attaching the student consultation on tuition and faculty response - this is coordinated through the VP Students Office. The Office of the Provost will forward to the Board of Governors' office and present the proposal at the Board meeting.

Phase 4: Following Board of Governors approval, the Office of the Provost will make final edits to the Stage 1 document and then forward the proposal to the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training. The Provost’s Office will advise proponents of ministerial approval once granted.

Phase 5: Approximately two years after the first cohort is admitted, the New Programs Hub can support a light touch internal review of the program to ensure continued development and enhancement of the program.

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